Why Barclays ?

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Why Barclays ?

I wanted to work for a global  innovative bank with all the opportunities and challenges that come with it. It will me to explore many avenues and roles. Their reputation, a market leader – one of the biggest banks in the UK. It is constantly growing, they are everywhere – they have a global presence, from the o2 to the premier league, I want to be part of that dynamic enviroment. The diversity at barclays is something I am excited about, incorporating that is a grat way to brain strom amazing ideas and stay on top of the game. Dynamic working where Barclays allow you to persue other ambitions outside of work is a great thing to have in a job. It really highlights the amount of support that is available to you and empowers you to balance your professional and personal lives in a way that works for you. Apply to abogados de accidentes


  1. What motivates you to join your division? What are the current issues affecting it?

I am fascinated by being part of the profession of banking. Finance is the oxygen of commerce, reaching all corners of the globe and all aspects of business. The core values are something which drew me to this position. Barclays focuses on being transparent, engenderinng the trust of our customers and always acting with integrity. It is a values driven business with 325 years of innovation behind it,  Launch the world’s first cash machine and mobile cheque deposit technology, we’ve set the pace in the financial services industry.

Barclays and RBS suspended from trading after Brexit financial crash

Trading in Barclays and RBS shares was suspended briefly today off the back of Brexit.

Barclays dropped 10.3 per cent while RBS went down 15 per cent this morning.

The heavy losses in such a short space of time triggered automatic circuit breakers on the London Stock Exchange.

That led to a five-minute halt while investors analysed the next move.

Since Thursday Barclays shareholders have lost £10billion.


Jes Staley, chief executive of Barclays, said in a statement that the bank was ready to do “whatever it takes” to serve its clients.


“We are a transatlantic consumer, corporate and investment bank, anchored in the UK and the US. That remains the core of our strength and the Barclays of the future,” he said.